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A variety of workshops and gatherings are available. Some are intended for self-reflection, self-discovery and personal deep healing, mostly for women, a few are for both men and women. Some of the workshops are intended for fun and creativity. These are offered online at this time.

Earth Guardian

Earth Guardian

Coming October 2020 | Video Series with Live Online Coaching Calls

We have lost our connection to the earth and this is evident in so many ways.

I have created a process based on my knowledge of Intentional Creativity and identifying COVID-19 as "a significant moment in time" globally. We will face this moment in time together.

Saving Gaia

Saving Gaia

Using Intention with Ink & Zentangle

Coming January 2021 | Video Series with Live Online Coaching Calls

This is a fun art project where we incorporate art with purposeful intent for healing the planet. We will use any combination of pencil, ink, markers to create your version of what is needed on the planet right now.

Angel Herrera | Teaching

Andean Cosmology:

The Teachings of the Seven Pillars of Life, Munay Meditations & Despachio Ceremony

Coming Spring 2021 | Live Online through Zoom

Join us for the teachings of the Andean/Inca Cosmology and Intentional Creativity Painting, integrating the teachings onto canvas. This workshop will help you to learn new or different approaches to dealing with stress, consider what is most important in your life today, and learn about another culture's view on life.

About Margie

I’m an artist, clothing and accessory designer, seamstress and environmentalist. I practice and promote natural healing arts. I’m dedicated to organizing workshops throughout Canada with leading spiritual practitioners and creative thinkers. The intent of my work is to soothe mind, body and spirit and to mindfully experience peace, joy, health and beauty.

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