There are so many changes taking place on the planet right now

It is an adjustment time for all.

I came upon this Greek word that intrigued me. There are two Greek words related to time: Chronos which refers to chronological time and Kairos: an opportune moment in time for action.

As I pondered this notion I thought of Covid19 and really what it meant to me. I feel as if it is a symptom of all the things that ail the planet. Aspects related to politics, abuse of power, climate change, abuse and disrespect for all of the gifts mother nature has provided, taking things for granted, the gross need for material goods and perceived status, loss of compassion & respect for human life, the list goes on. Covid19 became this opportunity in time to see things as they are and potentially effect change, possibly just personally and perhaps in some quantum global way.

I began to think of what staying home meant or could potentially mean. Maybe staying home means: learning we don’t need to be so busy all the time, that we don’t have to buy as much, that we can nurture ourselves and each other, that we can learn to appreciate what we have, that we can create opportunities for entertaining ourselves in new ways, that maybe more of us need to be learning to grow our own food and learn more about nature, etc. Maybe it will make politicians learn to work together for people and the planet rather than waste our time having them mostly battle it out for money and power… where are the leaders who have compassion as one of their values? Where are the revolutionaries and who really would they be? Would they have to wield guns? Maybe not, maybe a paintbrush, maybe women need to come forth with their perspective of what it takes to respect people and the land they have arrived on.

It is the age of Aquarius after all.

Knowing what I understand of quantum physics, knowing what I know and understand about the metaphysical world I began to think of how we could use Intentional Creativity to work at transforming this situation. How many people will it take to have an impact? In the quantum field we know that as someone who very clearly observes their story as they consciously paint it on their canvas and then go back and observe as they consciously paint a new story, the one they wish to see, the brain starts to see the story differently. There lies an opportunity for transformation. Those of us who are Teachers of Intentional Creativity or who have had exposure to painting in this way have seen how change is possible. Engaging both left and right side of the brain along with body and heart can have a significant impact on one’s mental, emotional and/or physical health.

And so, thinking of Kairos as an opportune moment in time, I decided to create a painting journey that would confront Covid19, visit the aspects it raises for an individual emotionally, physically, politically, financially, in terms of the earth etc and then travel on a journey to transform those sentiments. Through a journey meditation, bring forward your GUARDIAN OF THE EARTH onto the canvas and the messages you wish her to hold true for the planet.

SOON I will be partnering with LaLuna Wellness Centre to bring a combination of yoga and breathwork to hold us in our bodies as we delve into this mystery and each bring in our own Guardian of the Earth, of Gaia.

It is Time!

Margie Bettiol - Conscious Change

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