Women’s Retreat-Painting with Intention

I have been studying Intentional Creativity with Shiloh Sophia in California. Given my extensive background in Energy Medicine and my interest in quantum physics & how it teaches us about how our human brains actually work, Intentional Creativity is a perfect fit!

My own experience with painting with intent is that it can have a profound impact on what is going in the deep recesses of our soul. One soon realizes the connection between soul, heart & body. It is about how atoms work…..

Thus studying with Shiloh Sophia is something I will continue to do. Between her and her partner Jonathan McCloud that connection becomes more obvious and for me, I want to understand more and bring it to people around me. Interestingly enough I had planned a weekend retreat for women before I took my first course with her, ‘Apothecary’. Now I am in the midst of her ‘PRISM’ course and will be doing her ‘Bella Mama’ course later this month while in Australia. So now I have even more knowledge and experience to carry out the weekend retreat I have planned to take place in the most beautiful setting outside of Wawa, Ontario! Synchronicity are its finest!

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