Celebrating Summer Solstice 2020

Featuring online yoga, breathwork, and painting

As we celebrate the time that stands still, as we prepare for summer, we invite you to celebrate the day with yoga, breathwork and completing a painting that brings in the sun, a reminder of times past bringing in Stonehenge and wearing a garland of daisies, St John's Wort and violets, for protection and honouring of this time of year.

No previous experience required.


Date: Saturday, June 20 2020 | 9am - 4:30pm EST
Location: Live, online with Zoom
Cost: $75 CAD/household

Scholarships available. Please email Margie at [email protected] prior to registration

Summer Solstice 2020 Painting

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Margie Bettiol

Online Yoga Classes

Enjoy a week pass to be used between June 22 - 28, 2020
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Workshop Agenda

9am - Host Introductions, Housekeeping
9:10am - Red Thread Circle opening
9:20am - Yoga (45 mins)
10:05am - Breathwork (1 hour)
11:05am - Painting

Noon - Lunch Break

12:45pm - Painting
3pm - Yin Yoga (45 mins)
3:45pm - Breathwork (30 mins)
4:15pm - Red Thread Circle Closing
4:25pm - Closing

Meet Your Guides

Melanie Ollivier


with Melanie Ollivier

Margie Bettiol


with Margie Bettiol

Paula DiGiuseppe


with Paula DiGiuseppe

Breathwork Session

Start your summer off by cleansing the body, mind & soul of all that is no longer serving you. 

In a group setting, using the power of your breath, you will be guided through a Breathwork Session. You will be using a safe and natural breathing method which connects us to our subconscious mind; the house of our deepest thoughts, ideas, beliefs and desires. This breathing rhythm creates an energy flow throughout the body, washing through any tension or blockages in the system that has been created by not allowing ourselves to feel or experience things throughout our lifetime. It restores emotional balance, while relaxing, cleansing and refreshing the human body & mind. This breathing practice can also bring about improvements in health, mental clarity, overall well-being, as well as create healthier breathing habits.

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  • Canvas (24" x 30" or smaller - rectangle shape recommended)
  • Acrylic paints
    • 2 shades of blue
    • 2-4 shades of greens & browns
    • 1-2 shades of yellow, orange, or red
    • Any combination of white, buff, greys, browns, violet/blue, orange
  • Golden paint: Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold (ideally)
  • A variety of paintbrushes
  • Water jar
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Apron / old clothes
  • Waterproof paint tarp
  • Fan (to help dry paint between stages)

If you have any questions in regard to supplies please contact [email protected]

Yoga Supplies

  • 4 big pillows
  • 1 blanket
  • Yoga Strap (towel, scarf, or a belt if you do not own a yoga strap)
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